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Timelessness And The Reality Of Fate



In this audio, you will find crucial explanations about eternity, timelessness and spacelessness that you will never have encountered anywhere else. The genuine answers to many questions people always have about fate and eternity are to be found in this cassette.


The Nightmare of Disbelief



Wickedness, injustice, distrust, jealousy, rage, drug addiction, immorality, gambling, prostitution, hunger, poverty, social corruption, theft, war, struggle, violence People are enslaved by these complications as long as they avoid religion. Put simply, this is the "nightmare of disbelief." In this audio-book you will find how the regulation of life by norms of morality introduced by the Qur'an will eradicate the "nightmare of disbelief".


The Miracle Of Creation In DNA



The materialistic philosophy is on the brink of collapse. The amazing information in the DNA discloses that there was mind at the origin of life, not just matter. Like that every book proves the existence of its author, the book life proves the existence of the Creator.



The Miracle Of Birth



A single living cell in the mother's womb gives rise to a human being with all his complex systems after a nine-month adventure. Every stage of the miracle of birth shows that this occurrence is a sign of creation.


The Miracle In The Honeybee



In the Qur'an, we are taught that God has given a special inspiration to the honeybee, which leads this marvelous creature to produce honey for humans. Modern scientific observations and experiments lead us to the same fact.


The Miracle In The Eye



Charles Darwin confessed that the design of the eye "made him cold all over". The reason is the astonishing perfection and delicacy of this organ, which refutes any theory that tries to deny creation. Learn about the features of your eyes and the wisdom of their Creator.



The Miracle In The Ear



There is a voice that always inspires justice, good manners, humility, honesty, sincerity, and all that is most righteous. This voice, though you may be unaware of it, is always with you wherever you go. 'To whom does this voice belong?' you may then ask. Well, this voice belongs to you, it is within you, it is the voice of your conscience which is an inspiration from God and helps you to think straight and tell right from wrong.



The Miracle In The Cell



The bodies of all living beings are made up of cells a hundredth of a millimeter in size. These tiny organisms are much more complex than any machine that we ever know. This irreducible complexity of the cell shatters the Darwinist myth and proves the fact of creation.



The Miracle In The Ant



Ants accomplish extraordinary tasks, which even human beings would have difficulty in doing. The "wisdom" displayed by these tiny creatures proves that they are created and assigned to carry out their specific tasks by the Creator, Who rules over all of nature.



The Collapse of the Theory of Evolution



While science disproves the theory of evolution, it also reveals the true origin of life: Creation. Research carried out in the 140 years since Darwin reveals that living things did not come into being through an evolutionary process, but are created by God.



Secrets of the Quran



Every person who reads the Qur'an and thinks over it sincerely will realise some secrets that might not have caught his attention until then. When a person reads these verses, what he must do is to seek the divine purposes hidden in daily events and evaluate everything in the light of the Qur'an. Then, people will realize with excitement that the secrets of the Qur'an control both their own lives and those of others alike.


Quran Leads the Way to Science



In the Qur'an, God summons humanity to investigate and reflect upon the heavens, the earth, plants, animals, the creation of man, and many other created things. Examining these, man comes to recognize the artistry of God's creation in the world around him, and ultimately, to know his Creator, Who created the entire universe. This paradigm has been the most comprehensive motivation for scientific research throughout history, especially in the Islamic world.



Perished Nations



It is in the Qur'an, the last divine book, that we find the story of perished nations, the ancient societies that were destroyed because of their rebellion against God. These catastrophes have become identifiable thanks to the modern archive studies and archaeological finds.



Never Plead Ignorance



This audio aims to draw your attention to some facts, which are often left unthought due to mundane realities and everyday problems. These are the most crucial facts for a man in this life. Now, take a look around you and think. And as it is stated in Qur'an, (16:53) "Any blessing you have is from Allah". Never plead ignorance of the fact that everything you possess is a favour to you from your Creator.


Miracles Of The Quran



The Qur'an has many miraculous attributes proving that it is a revelation from God. In this audio, you will find a concise and clear account of all the scientific facts of the Qur'an, revealed at a time when no human being was aware of them.


Migration and Orientation in Animals Birds - Monarch



How do birds make very long-distance flights without ever getting lost, and what determines the timing of their migration? How does the new generation of Monarchs that has never before gone on a migratory flight know the way? All the questions point to the fact that migration is specially designed for them. It is God, the Lord of the heavens and the earth, Who is the Author of this wondrous creation.



Islam Denounces Terrorism



Islam is a religion revealed to mankind to present a peaceful life through the infinite compassion and mercy of God. In the Qur'an, God has forbidden all acts of wickedness committed against mankind. So, it is quite impossible for someone who fears God and has grasped the true morality of Islam to support violence or wickedness, or to take part in such actions. That is why Islam is the solution to terrorism, not the source of it.



Importance of Conscience in the Quran



There is a voice that always inspires justice, good manners, humility, honesty, sincerity, and all that is most righteous. This voice, though you may be unaware of it, is always with you wherever you go. 'To whom does this voice belong?' you may then ask. Well, this voice belongs to you, it is within you, it is the voice of your conscience which is an inspiration from God and helps you to think straight and tell right from wrong.



How Do the Unwise Interpret Quran?



The Qur'an has been sent as a book that can be easily understood by everyone but those without an open heart and sincere soul cannot comprehend it correctly. In this audio, you will learn the reasons why such unperceptive people misinterpret the Qur'an with various examples of their illogical comments and objections to the Qur'anic verses and responds to them.


Ever Thought About the Truth?



Have you ever thought about who you are and what the purpose of your life in the world is? Who created you, who made the perfect body that you possess? What is intended in this audio is to remind people that they will face the Day of Judgment and will render account before God, and that they can be saved from eternal punishment only if they turn to God before it is too late.



Deep Thinking



The aim of this audio is to invite people to "think as they should" and show ways of "thinking as they should". Someone who doesn't think about the ultimate questions will remain totally distant from truths and lead his life in self-deception and error. As a result, he won't grasp the purpose of the creation of the world, and the reason for his existence on the earth. Yet, Allah has created everything with a purpose.


Death, Resurrection, Hell



Death may catch up with you at any time. Who knows, perhaps this is the moment. Or, it may be much closer than you have ever expected. This may be the last opportunity, the last warning before death comes upon you. Realize your duties to God without losing any time and surrender to Him.


Before You Regret



If it were the time to meet the angels of death right now, would you be able to give an account of all the years you have spent in this world?...
If one does not want to suffer an eternal grievous penalty after death, he should live for a purpose, knowing that he will absolutely meet God after death. Knowing that truth, it is not possible to make up for the mistakes and sins committed in this world.


Basic Concepts in the Quran



Many concepts with which we are familiar in our daily lives take place in the Qur'an. These concepts, like wisdom, patience, loyalty, unbelief and the favors of Allah, which you can learn in more detail in this audio, are the key to an understanding of the morality that God teachs us through the Qur'an.